26 | 05 | 2020
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Ownsurance Claims Procedure and Documentation


  • The claim to be notified to Ownsurance within 48 hours.

Required Documentation

  1. Copy of the driver's valid drivers license.
  2. Copy of the driver's valid ID document.
  3. Copy of the driver's Valid PDP.
  4. Copy of the vehicle's valid COF (roadworthy certificate).
  5. Copy of the vehicle's registration papers.
  6. SAP reference no and Police Station where the accident was reported.
  7. Copy of the sworn affidavit from the driver of how the accident happened.
  8. Full details of the other parties involved ie: name, telephone no, address, registration no of his/her vehicle.
  9. Completed claimform.
  10. Quote for the damages to the vehicle.


Motor Claim Form - Accident

Motor Claim Form - Theft/Hijack 

Non-Motor Claim Form